How Was I Able To Speed Up My WordPress Website From 8 Sec Load Time To 2.6 Sec

How was i able to speed up my wordpress website from 8 sec load time to 2.6 sec.

Note : i am not an expert but with the help of a few tricks i was able to do so.

1 – Install wp smush image Plugin And Run The Scan

this basically reduces the size of your images. and images are the main problem mainly because they very heavy.

2 – Install wp fastest cache

what this does is it also reduces the size of images significantly too.
in general check mark all options and save and run image scan to for this too.
i was so desperate that i bought the paid version of this plugin and simply ran all the scans that were available in this plugin.

the image compression took this plugin almost one day.
but still at this point there was not much difference.
main difference i noticed was when the 3rd step was done. and i think this is the most important.

3 – Setup cloudflare On Your Website.

once i did this i noticed the speed increased. and i confirmed using most popular tools available online like pingdom and gtmetric.

before it used to take ages and now it loads in 2.6 seconds to be exact.
i am very happy with the results.

One more noticeable thing is that i am using very heavy wordpress theme (newspaper). so it is expected to get comparatively increased load time when you use such themes.
but if you use themes like socially viral or point theme then i believe your load time will come down below 1.50 seconds.
Let me know if this post helped you. and if you want paid plugins then comment below and tell me which plugins you wants.
if i have them i will share.