My First Experience Of Advertising On Propeller Ads With Non Adsense Website

Lately i have been trying to look into different native ad networks to grow the traffic of my website. I thought as i have budget and time in hand why not try this and see how it on experimental basis.

Well, first thing that i want to clarify is that i tried propellers on my website which had revcontent as i am still waiting for approval on google adsense. So the results are based on how much i made on revcontent.

I started with 50 usd budget and i promoted a link which was experimented before and generated very good results. I promoted a blog url.

The results were very disappointing and after spending 50 usd i got 6000 traffic and made a total of 3 usd on revcontent. So in short the experiment did not really work out well with propeller ads on revcontent website.

here are my campaign screen shots from you.

propeller ads advertising campaign