Top Muslim Youtubers Who Are Changing The Internet


Here is a list of few youtubers that you should follow/subscribe on youtube. They have great following and apparently people are loving their content. This list is based on my personal experiences and interests. I would keep updating this list whenever i find any interesting muslim youtuber.

  • fouseyTUBE : He creates very best of funniest prank videos & keeps getting millions of views. Check him out today.


  • Adam saleh : This kid tells you how your hardwork pays off. He started from a very young age, but just creating general youtube prank videos. Soon he started creating blogs on his other channel, and they appear to be equally interesting just like prank videos. Hardly most youtubers can pull it off. I mean not every youtuber is able to create both interesting daily vlogs and prank videos. But adam saleh seems to be doing really great. He is very kind guy too. He recently helped a homeless man named jason to start his own channel. Now jason has over 110k followers and seems like adam saleh changed the life of this homeless man within a week.


  • KARIM : Well adam and karim might not like that i mentioned them almost together, because these 2 friends turned foes don’t get along well apparently. Karim is one more genuine youtuber, who creates social experimants related the problems muslims are facing in us. He seems a nice and creative guy. Don’t forget to subscribe him.


  • Ahmed & Wajeeh : This duo of pakistani youtubers creates interesting videos regularly. Best part of their videos is the mama jee, mama jee is their mother who brings in the humour and much needed fun in their videos.