My favourite Hollywood Movies Of 2016


I am a movie lover and i love hollywoord movies. Although i am from pakistan but since i started watching hollywood movies i lost my interest for specially bollywood movies, which i find too far away from reality.

So here is the list of my favourite Hollywood Movies so far in 2016. Note i rank movies on the basis of how interesting i found them, whether i felt bored while watching, are there wow moments ? Is there a good story, do i connect with with the movie or not.

1 – Now you see me 2

Found it very interesting, there is a story which actually makes sense, its just not they showing some  more magic tricks without explaining the reason behind it.

My favourite scene was when they suddenly drop in a pipe from us and land in china in about 1 or 2 minutes. that was a wow moment. and i even loved it when they revealed how this trick was done.



Honestly, i have watched many movies so far this year, but i did not real feel like those movies met expectations. So i am only going to add movies here which i really liked & whenever i would like any other movie that would certainly make my list here for 2016 movies.

I have watched the series movies, like

Captain america civil wars

Jason bourne

dead pool

batman vs superman

suicide squad

But i did not like them, because it seemed like they lack the story, just the money has been spent on action but story line was missing. So, i cannot add them on my favourite list so far.