Best hosting Providers For High Traffic WordPress Website

Are you a web owner and are able to generate huge amount of traffic daily ? and you website keeps crashing and you are tired of this ?

If this is your answers then you should certainly keep reading this blog post.I would briefly tell you my top 2 hosting websites for hosting wordpress blogs.

Are you wondering who i am and why is information reliable. I am the above person about which i wrote in first 2 lines. I have had server issues since i started online business. Although i was able to generate good amount of traffic but still i was not being able to convert that traffic into money. Because my website used to crash so regularly.

Then one day i site down and do a complete research. And after some research i decided to try 2 hosting websites. And this was one of the best business decisions i have taken so far. Since then i get almost 100 percent uptime on both server websites.

Let me tell you which hosting providers they were

1 – Traffic Planet


I am so satisfied with their service that i cannot tell you enough. I have so far experienced 100 percent uptime. Although i am using slightly expensive package worth 100 usd a month. But still i am very satisfied customer. Although i believe and could recommend this hosting provider to small businesses but i cannot say that i have tested their smaller packages. But if you generate high traffic then it certainly would disappoint you.

and anyways handling smaller traffic is not any issue really. For that you can even use hostgtor.


1 – 100% uptime

2 – chat feature available

3 – Daily Backups

4 – Very fast dedicated hosting


To be honest i havent really found any. Once i experience issue the i would certainly update this thread


2 – Tso Hosting


I really deserve thank you for sharing this awesome hosting providing website. Its not only affordable but uptime, site speed and everything else is like a dream come true. If you are generating very good amount of traffic and you are only switching if your current hosting provider cannot handle the traffic then tso host is the first hosting provider you should try. They are so cheap. I am using 2 websites which generate same amount of traffic. I use one website on traffic planet hosting and the second on tso host.

i am paying about 125 usd for traffic planet and only 19.99 gbp which is almost 32 usd for tso host. And really i am not disappointed at all with tso host. In fact i would recommend it over traffic planet hosting.


1 – Cheap hosting ( I am using 20 gbp a month package )

2 – Faster than traffic planet ( According to me )

3 – Almost 100 percent uptime (Traffic planet is .5 % better in this feature )



1 – No chat feature. You would have to email. But they reply really quick which is a good thing