Is Worth Trying ?

Aslamo alikum, You should really not only consider but start using it asap. In near past i have had issues with my google adsense, due to which i decided to explore different options to make money online.

Let me tell you that i was not hopeful at all and i did not really think i could survive without google adsense. And you would be happy to know that i was totally wrong, at this day and age you have a lot of options and the competition is really really hard. If one refuses you, then i can tell you have 2 other doors open to welcome you with great opportunities.

Lets jump back to our main topic here :

Here is first glance into the stats for you all. i will explain them in bottom

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 06.56.21

I decided to give it a go, few days back & i was very surprised with the results. I did not really think that there are many options for making good earnings.

Here is my 2 days earning report, which seems very encouraging right ?

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 06.24.57

After google adsense there are not many companies which give you good rpm, and according to me any rpm above 1.60 usd is good.

There is one thing to be notices in above chart and that is the CTR meaning click through ratio. That click through ratio is currently more than revcontent which is what i am using right now.

So far i happy with the results and i would certainly be updating this thread with time and show you guys more data when available, so you could get an idea too as how or bad it is for me.

If you ask my opinion, whether you should use or not i would say go for it.

Click here to go their website :



1 – Competes with revcontent

2 – Easy to get approved


  • Dont send money on a fixed date