Get Rid Of Migraine Permanently Using Pakistani Mom’s Head Massage Tips

I used to work in an office and my job was to sit all the day in front of computer. So as the time passed i started developing migraine issues.

And always had severe migraine, it was just impossible for me to do anything. Note i am workaholic and i just cannot help stop working but when i get migraine, there is no way at all i can keep working.

All i do is, i shut my laptop and leave everything and just go to a room & lay there until i am well. I tried different medicines but it never really had much effect on me.

So what happens is go back to pakistan for holidays and there i meet the super women. Yes my lovely mom. She notices the migraine & there she is very next day with massage oil and tells me to lay down and relax ūüôā

I did not really think that massage would be permanently relieving my migraine. Its been 4 years and migraine issue and severity has reduced to 90 percent and i feel great.

Let me share with you all, the steps of the best head massage that will permanently relieve you from migraine.



Before i go in explaining actual steps, i would like to call this blog post as migraine massage. because in this kind of massage only head massage is not included. Its only one of the massage areas.

In head massage, its important to know that your finger motion is v important. For a start, put your hands as shown in picture above. Put some oil and start massaging using your finger tips and try massaging with them. After that change the finger motion to sideway motion. Keep massaging by changing the speed of massage for 3-5 min





Take oil & gently massage your forehead as shown in picture. Do a parallel massage just like shown in picture above and then do the vertical massage on the sides of skull. One good tip is to massage for min 3-5 min in all steps.



This 3rd step is very important one because if you got migraine then certainly you are feeling same severe pain in eyes and eyebrows area too. To get rid of migraine, we have to focus on each affected area.


To massage eyebrows put some oil & use few fingers and put them on eyebrows and using to and fro & up and down motion massage them gently, keep massaging for a little while.


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Then come down on eyes and use fingers to massage your eyes in round motion by gently pressing your pain spots here and there. Don’t forget using oil in any step. Its very important. Spend 3-5 minutes in eyes and eyebrow area.




I know, putting oil on your face might not be something that you would prefer but hey if you want to get rid of migraine you will have to take each step very seriously.

After eyes and eyebrows, you need to massage your cheek bones, chin area with oil using round motions with palm of your hand or fingers massage whole face. I promise you will start feeling better better by now.



My mom says ūüôā that the nerves which are connected to your head, eyes and other facial area they connect your head with lower body so you need to massage those nerves too. Ladies these final steps are the main steps believe me. Your migraine would not go if you only focus on your head area. To permanently get rid of migraine you would have to massage your lower body area too.

Massage your neck by using oil and tightly sliding your fingers from head to neck in to and from motion.



Massage your shoulders using oil for few minutes. Main secret of migraine massage is in the last steps that i have mentioned.



Using your 2 hands massage your back for few minutes and try to reach the upper middle area of your back bone and try to massage it with a little strength.

I am sure if you have done all these steps. Your migraine would have tremendously reduced and you would have started feeling relaxed, refresh and better now.

Finally, take some tea or coffee to celebrate this migraine relief massage. Do let me know, if you do this massage and what are your results.